Arbitration & Mediation Lawyers

Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to litigation for solving conflicts. Mediation and Arbitration can be a faster and cheaper way to resolve a legal issue outside of the traditional court process.


Mediation is a non-binding process generally conducted with a single mediator who does not judge the case but facilitates discussion and eventual resolution of the dispute. In a Mediation the parties meet and discuss their dispute with the assistance of a trained and impartial mediator who assists them in reaching a settlement. The dispute may already be pending in a court or one in which the parties anticipate filing in court. The mediator does not decide the case; instead, the mediator assists the parties to come to their own solution. The key benefit of mediating a dispute is that most cases or matters settle the day of mediation making it much faster and cheaper than litigation.


Arbitration is typically a binding process that replaces the full trial process with a panel of multiple (often three) chosen people that serve as private judges in your case. In Arbitration the neutral person(s) is called an “arbitrator.” The arbitrator hears both parties’ arguments and evidence and decides the final outcome. Because arbitration is less formal than traditional litigation, the rules of evidence and discovery are often relaxed making Arbitration faster and less expensive than traditional litigation. Many contracts contain mandatory Arbitration clauses requiring the parties to arbitrate before they file suit.

Mr. Robert J. Persons

Bob Persons is a certified mediator and arbitrator, having worked with two of Atlanta’s larger mediation services before continuing to work in this field as an independent mediator/arbitrator. He specializes in handling tort cases with excess insurance exposure, primary and excess insurance disputes, insurance coverage disputes, and insurance bad faith cases. Bob has been qualified as an expert witness in bad faith cases and in insurance claims handling. He taught the Insurance Law course at the University of Georgia School of Law for four years and has co-authored a treatise entitled “Excess Liability” which has been published by Thomson West for over two decades. His background and training in Insurance provides unique insight into mediating or arbitrating litigation matters with significant insurance issues. Contact Lindsey & Lacy, PC to discuss the best option for a resolution