Lindsey & Lacy, PC's litigation practice focuses on protecting the rights of individuals and corporate clients involved in a variety of business-related disputes. While we make every effort to negotiate an acceptable compromise, ultimately some disputes will result in lawsuits. The lawyers at Lindsey & Lacy, PC are properly trained and prepared to take cases all the way to trial if necessary. The reality is that less than 20% of all civil cases are resolved by jury trial; however, by being prepared to try every case, our attorneys are able to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients.

The attorneys at Lindsey & Lacy, PC handle many types of general business litigation in addition to the specialized areas mentioned elsewhere on the website. For instance, as part of its corporate practice, Lindsey & Lacy, PC frequently drafts and/or edits all types of documents governing the relationships between corporate entities and their owners and the relationship between owners and themselves. Sometimes, disputes arise about the duties owed under these documents. Since our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting these documents, they are better positioned to effectively argue the proper interpretation of these documents if a dispute moves to litigation.

Sometimes, parties in a business relationship have duties imposed upon them by law which may or may not be adequately reflected in the business documents. These additional, and sometimes heightened, duties are referred to as fiduciary duties. Lindsey & Lacy, PC's attorneys have litigated many cases involving the application of these fiduciary duties to the conduct of parties during business dissolutions and partnership breakups. Our attorneys' experience in entity creation makes them more effective advocates if the dispute cannot be resolved before litigation.

While litigation can be an expensive and time-consuming process, Lindsey & Lacy, PC does its best to minimize both the client's stress and the expense by keeping the clients informed about the process at every step of the way. At times, our attorneys will utilize other, less costly, alternatives such as binding arbitration or mediation. Lindsey & Lacy, PC's experience with all forms of litigation and alternative dispute resolution enables the firm to effectively serve its clients no matter how complex the problem.